The N.E.A.T. Chair Challenge: 1st Survey Due

The survey for the 1st week is due. The first 100 participants to complete and return the online weekly participation survey form each week will receive an exercise incentive for the next week (see the chart for dates and items). 

The N.E.A.T. Chair Challenge

The Ursinus Wellness Committee, NEW U, invites all Faculty and Staff of Ursinus College to participate in a three week N.E.A.T. Chair Challenge.

The program runs through March 1. Sign up to participate in the Chair Challenge!

See the Chair Challenge Resources for details on the NEW U web site



2/6-2/11 for all 3 weeks.

3 weeks of   participation = 1 wellness point!

*First 100 participants to sign up receive a Chair Exercise Slide Guide*

All participants will receive links to suggested chair exercises & additional resources to help with the week's N.E.A.T. goals!

Week 1

Sign up for weeks 2 & 3

Monday 2/11

Orientation: Intro to chair exercises.

Week 1 Online Survey to be completed by 2/17

First 100 participants to complete week 1 survey will receive a Thera-band.


Week 2

Sign up for week 3 (deadline is 2/24)

Monday 2/18   Orientation: Ergonomics & Ther-bands and additional chair exercises

Week 2 Online Survey completed by 2/24

First 100 participants to complete Week 2 survey receive a stress ball.

Week 3

Monday 2/25

Orientation:   Ergonomics &  Instant Stress Management Tools for Office   Environments

Week 3 Online Survey completed by 3/3



Sunday, Feb 17, 2013

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Tracey Nelson