Steve Sandstrom: 'Developing a Sustainable Community'

Steve Sandstrom, M.A., specialist in "Environment and Community," including graduate certificates in Ecological Planning and Design, and Integrated Skills for Sustainable Change, will present a lecture titled "Developing a Sustainable Community: A Systems Approach."

This interdisciplinary talk will address the challenges of creating and sustaining real change in our communities when it comes to environmental issues. Whether it is how we educate our students, encourage them in entrepreneurial enterprises, or ask them "how they will live their lives," Sandstrom's visit will engage students, professors, and the Ursinus community in vital discussions about how we can thrive in harmony with the environment.

Creating vibrant, thriving and healthy communities requires more than just promoting recycling, composting, and buying hybrid cars. It requires a new way of thinking about our personal lifestyles and how we address our community needs and problems. Sustainable Community Development requires an inclusive, collaborative, democratic change process that embraces a holistic (systems) thinking approach to analyzing current behavior, and implementing behavior change that recognizes the interrelationships that exist between human society and the rest of the Biosphere.

For this to happen, educational institutions need to use Sustainability and Systems-Thinking as the context for teaching every subject. It isn't enough to offer a few courses in one department.

This presentation will look at the reasons why we need to change, what needs to change and examples of what individuals and communities have done to implement the changes needed to become more sustainable.

Pfahler Auditorium

Ursinus College
601 E. Main Street
Collegeville, PA 19426

Thursday, Mar 14, 2013


Rebecca Jaroff