Math/CS Seminar: ILE Presentations on Internships in Math, Stat & CS

All are invited to hear oral presentations (Math/CS350) by students on their ILEs in the Math and Computer Science Department.


                  Gathering, pizza, and drinks 

        Jake E Neiman- My Internship at Sovereign Bank

12:18-12:28         Michelle Tanco-
Software Development Internship – USLI

        Shane Herrmann- Using a Mathematical Skill Set in a Scientific Setting

12:43-12:53        Sara Bajor -
Teaching Java at iD Tech Camps: The Best Internship Ever

12:56-01:06         Klajd Dogani
Internship at Stockwell Elastomerics


Jake E. Neiman

Over the summer I had the opportunity to work closely with credit and relationship managers in the banking industry at Sovereign Bank. I participated in a 12-week internship program which had me working side by side with business professionals in the bank's Mid Atlantic Commercial Credit Risk department. As an intern, my roles and responsibilities included supporting the credit officers and analysts with duties such as spreading financial statements, verifying loan covenant compliance, conducting industry research, and assisting with various on-going projects. Over the course of the summer I gained valuable insight about banking practices and what creditors look for when structuring loans and issuing lines of credit to customers. Some of the Bank's customers that I had a chance to work closely with included Primo Produce, Kalas Manufacturing, ParenteBeard LLC., Boscov's Inc., and Cleveland Brothers Equipment Co. Inc., just to name a few.

Michelle Tanco
I have spent the last year interning in Information Technology at United States Liability Insurance Group. General outlines of projects and interesting parts of projects will be presented, including writing a sorting algorithm and researching and using a third party API. I will also discuss technologies I have learned, including MVC, Silverlight, and Jquery.

Shane Herrmann
For my summer internship, I used my mathematical background in a scientific setting. This summer I spent my time at Heraeus Precious Metals. I spent my time as a lab technician assistant. In this setting, I became familiar with the chemistry background of the metallic pastes the company developed, and then tested these pastes and reported findings through excel and tracking trends.

My two-month summer internship was spent as an Instructor with iD Tech Camps at Sacramento State University. iD Tech offers weeklong summer sessions to students aged 8-17 with course topics spanning programming, robotics, game design and more. My primary role was teaching Java programming to campers aged 13-17, as well as working collaboratively with my director and other instructors to provide a safe and fun learning environment for the entire camp every day. This internship gave me valuable experience in learning how to teach programming concepts, communicate with team members, and act as a leader and a role model -- all in a creative and very fun work environment!

Klajd Dogani

I spent the past summer working at Stockwell Elastomerics. They recently purchased an ADMET 7601 eXpert with ep2, which I used to measure the mechanical properties for a variety of their elastomers (rubber material). This data allowed us to quantitatively compare their material side by side, and help illustrate real world usage. It also allowed us to quantify the strength of various lamination compounds used to bond their adhesives to their elastomers, as well as the strength of the adhesives themselves. Overall, this data will be used to help customers in designing the proper specifications to any machine, device, or project that Stockwell elastomerics are used in.

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