BCMB Seminar with Dr. Abby Hare 2007: Language Phenotypes and Autism Susceptibility Genes

Ursinus alumnus Dr. Abby Hare (BCMB Class of 2007) will present a seminar on "Using Language Phenotypes to Identify Autism Susceptibility Genes."

Over the past few decades, there has been an increased interest in the understanding of the role of genetics in the characteristics, etiology, and treatment of autism spectrum disorders (ASD). ASD is a group of complex neurodevelopmental disorders that are characterized by a range of deficits in communication, social impairment, and the presence of restricted and repetitive behaviors. Studies have shown that ASD is both phenotypically and genetically complex. We have worked to reduce the heterogeneity of two samples ascertained for ASD by focusing on communication phenotypes for use in genetic studies. We identified several ASD susceptibility genes using the following phenotypes: language impairment, reading impairment, and nonverbal motor speech disorder.

Lunch will be served. Please RSVP to Dr. Roberts at rroberts@ursinus.edu if you plan to join for the lunch so that enough food can be arranged.

Pfahler 209

Ursinus College
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Friday, Oct 18, 2013


Rebecca Roberts

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