Mandatory Squatting Eligibility Meeting

Squatting refers to a student's opportunity to reserve his/her current room or suite for the next academic year. Squatting is a privilege and only available in certain areas of campus.

The following residences are NOT eligible for squatting: 424/426 Main, Carriage House, First-Year Centers (BPS, BWC, Sprankle), Hillel House, New Hall, Reimert RA suites, Reimert 105, Special Interest Houses (476 Main, 777 Main, Cloake, Hobson, Musser, Schaff, Zwingli), Richter/North, Wicks.

Any student who wants to live in a squatted room/suite or serve as an alternate for a Reimert suite MUST attend a Squatting Eligibility Meeting. These meetings provide an overview of the squatting process, expectations, and paperwork. Squatting paperwork will be e-mailed to students after they attend one of the meetings.

Bomberger Auditorium

Bomberger Memorial Hall
Ursinus College
Collegeville, PA 19426

Wednesday, Mar 19, 2014


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