Squatter's Forms & Reimert Suite Agreement Forms Due

In Reimert, at least two current residents of any suite are required in order to squat the suite for the next academic year. The returning residents must be able to fill the suite to capacity, and provide two alternates for the suite.

In all other areas of campus where squatting is permitted, at least one current resident is required to squat the same room for the next academic year, and he/she must be able to fill the room to capacity.

In all cases: ALL students listed on squatting paperwork MUST have attended a Squatting Eligibility Meeting. If a student participates in the squatting process, he/she may not participate in any other part of Lottery and Selection. Rooms/suites not squatted by March 7 will be available for selection during the lottery process.

Students may submit squatting paperwork prior to March 7 for administrative review. Students who submit paperwork for administrative review will have an opportunity to address concerns. Paperwork received on March 7 is final. Any concerns with paperwork received on March 7 will result in the loss of the suite/room, and students involved will go through the lottery process. The Residence Life Staff will address this in detail at Squatting Eligibility Meetings.

Residence Life Office


Friday, Mar 21, 2014


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