SPINT and Wicks Honors House Lottery

Students who have been selected to live in the Special Interest Houses and Wicks Honors House will participate in the SPINT Lottery process on March 26.  Priority for Special Interest/Wicks Honors Houses lottery is based on a student's class year and previous residency within a particular Special Interest/Wicks Honors House.  For example, if a student is currently residing in Hobson, she gets priority for room selection before others in the same class who do not currently live in the house.  During the SPINT Lottery Process, the Program Coordinator(s) selects his/her room first.

All rooms selected in the housing process must be filled to capacity. Students should expect to have a roommate unless they select a designated single. It is each student's responsibility to find a potential roommate prior to SPINT and Wicks Lottery. Students can choose a room for a roommate(s) by providing proof of permission to proxy for any student not in attendance.

Musser Auditorium

Pfahler Hall
Ursinus College
Collegeville, PA 19426

Wednesday, Mar 26, 2014


Amber Moyer