Math/CS Seminar: ILE Oral Presentations

Oral Presentations (Math/CS350) by students on ILEs in math, stat & cs. Food and drinks will be provided. All are invited!


12:00-12:10         Gathering, pizza, drinks

12:10-12:20         Nathan Labourdette- Tracking Mental Health through Mobile Technology

12:23-12:33         Tricia Wiegert- Why is There No Nobel Prize in Mathematics?

12:36-12:49         Hongli Chen- Modeling Carbapenem-Resistant Enterobacteriaceae with Low and High Prevalence Settings

12:49-12:59         Brian Green - Estimating the Discrete L-S category


Brian Green. 
Let $K$ be a simplicial complex and suppose that $K$ collapses into $L$.  Define $n$ to be one less than the minimum number of collapsible sets it takes to cover $L$.  Then the discrete Lusternik-Schnirelmann category of $K$ is the smallest $n$ taken over all $L$. We develop an algorithm to estimate the discrete LS category of a finite, n-dimensional simplicial complex through the use of Hasse Diagrams.

Hongli Chen. The treatment of drug-resistant bacterial infections is becoming a global crisis due to the emergence of stronger antimicrobial resistance and the scarcity of new antibiotics. In particular, the infections caused by carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae (CRE), on the rise and designed by CDC as urgent infections, have been associated with high mortality in ICUs (up to two third), and have demonstrated resistance to the strongest antibiotics. Therefore, with limited treatment options, the project aims at using mathematical modeling tools to understand and simulate the mechanism underlying the spread of CRE in ICUs, and determine efficient and cost effective control strategies to prevent outbreaks and reduce mortality.

Nathan Labourdette. TherAPPist is a mobile application that is designed to help patients with severe mental illnesses live more free and independent lives. This summer, I have been working to add a tracking feature to TherAPPist that would allow a patient and their therapist to help track their moods in relation to habits that they would like to improve. With tools such as Android Studio and SQLite databases, I have designed and implemented a calendar that displays colors which indicate habit and mood on any given day.  This allows the patient to look at past data with their therapist to help find ways to improve their lives.

Tricia Wiegert. Why did Alfred Nobel endow the prizes that bear his name? Furthermore, why is there no prize in Mathematics? The answers to both these questions will be discussed, by looking at Nobel's life, as well as addressing some interesting but false anecdotes regarding his motivation in creating the Nobel awards.

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Friday, Oct 25, 2013


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