U-Innovate! Workshop: Finding the Idea and Validation

Speaker: Brad Treat, Ithaca College

Topic: Finding the idea and validation

I'd like to students to have a list of ideas they are working on. Ideally, they are thinking about an answer to this statement and question: "Organizations solve problems.  What problem does your organization solve?" Five ideas make up a good list, 10 is a great list.

Finding the Idea: How do I identify what makes for a good dea? We'll explore the different types of organizations that constitute good ideas using both a theoretical framework, and specific examples.


Validation: We'll then discuss the steps for narrowing this list down, and validating the ideas with data. We'll then do a class exercise from either a pre-selected list of organization ideas, or ideally, from a list generated from the organization ideas from the students.

Postwork: We'll close with a breakdown of the legwork that needs to occur for students to further validate their idea. We'll discuss tactics and strategies for doing this.

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Sunday, Nov 17, 2013


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